9 Summer Craft Brews You Must Try

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If your favorite beer is Bud Light Lime – well, you should broaden your horizons. Use this list to expand your palette during this hot DMV summer.

First things first: the criterion is that the brews on this list must be summer seasonal beers by craft breweries. Obviously any list like this is arguable and up for debate – which is why we love craft beer! Let us know what you think or if you would add any brews to the list.

If you’re skeptical about craft brews or reaching out beyond what you’re used to drinking, summer is a great time to try some lighter beers. If you can handle some of these you’ll be set for the fall seasonal rotation.
So, with that said, put down the BL Smooth, that Bud Heavy and the Silver Bullet you’re hiding because below are nine great beers you need to try this summer.

In alphabetical order:

1. Brooklyn Summer Ale – Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn, NY
A great summer seasonal beer. Light fruity flavors, with a sweet aroma that’s a little off the beaten path for typical summer brews.

2. Dogfish Festina Pêche – Dogfish Head Craft Brewery Inc., Rehoboth Beach, DE
A refreshing wheat beer with a peach flavor. It’s probably the fruitiest beer on this list.

3. Flying Fish Farmhouse Summer Ale – Flying Fish Brewing Co., Somerdale, NJ
A lightly filtered beer that’s easy to drink.

4. Harpoon Summer Beer – Harpoon Brewery, Boston, MA
Harpoon’s attempt at a German Kölsch-style ale. It’s got a citrus taste and, following its Kölsch styling, is on the lighter side.

5. New Belgium Rolle Bolle – New Belgium Brewing Co., Fort Collins, CO
A very easy beer to drink this summer. If you’re looking for a tasty beer to drink that both you and some coeds will enjoy, throw this in the cooler.

6. Sierra Nevada Summerfest – Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Chico, CA
On the hoppier side of summer beers, Sierra Nevada delivers a solid summer brew that’s great for warm weather drinking.

7. Southern Tier Hop Sun – Southern Tier Brewing Co., Lakewood, NY
This wheat ale offers a light hop aroma with a citrus finish. If you can’t decide between a wheat beer, a lager or a pale ale play the indecisive card and try a beer that has elements of all three.

8. Tröegs Sunshine Pils – Tröegs Brewing Co., Hershey, PA
A crisp, golden pilsner with light hops and a hint of fruit. Tröegs continues to knock out solid year-round and seasonal brews. Give this one a taste.

9. Victory Summer Love – Victory Brewing Co., Downingtown, PA
Hoppier than some other summer brews on this list, but still refreshing.

All of the beers listed above are available at Old Line so stop in and check out a sixer or two. Remember, there’s no wrong way to drink in the summertime – unless you do it irresponsibly.

Did we miss one of your craft seasonal favorites? Which brews would you add to the list?

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