Beer Bottles vs Beer Cans

Which is better: beer from a can or beer from a bottle? Is there a difference? Can you taste a difference? Does it even matter?

The answer to all four questions: it depends and might be up to personal preference. However, with that said, most craft beers should be poured into proper glassware anyway so how should we as consumers want our beer shipped to us?

Bottles allow for a smooth pour out of the mouth whereas a can’s lip agitates the beer.

Bottles can let in more light exposure than cans and they are at a greater risk of oxygen exposure.

Now that it’s summer, a lot more comes to mind than just flavor profiles and proper carbonation.

If we’re hitting a weekend down the shore or heading to the mountains for a hiking or camping weekend bottles are completely impractical. Most beaches don’t allow glass due to their tendency to, you know, break. Because it’s glass. Cans, on the other hand, don’t break when you drop them and really only pose a cutting hazard if you cut them up (hello 20-something beer drinkers and your silly can shotguns).

When camping or hiking out in the woods, cans allow you to easily pack out what you pack in. They crush down allowing for easier recycling and the same rule applies when it comes to them breaking. Cans are a bit more rugged than glass bottles. There’s no harm from broken glass to wildlife or fellow hikers/campers coming behind you when choosing canned beers.

Now, with all of that said, cans tend to chill faster in the cooler but bottles tend to stay cooler, longer once they’re taken out of the cooler. We imagine the debate will rage on for some time with merits favoring both sides. What says you? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

4 responses to “Beer Bottles vs Beer Cans”

  1. Nice compare. But almost all people prefer cans nowadays because cans are more portable, recyclable, better for taste, cool faster and have amazing graphics.

  2. Robert Maes says:

    WOW, Thanks for sharing this great information about Beer Bottles VS Beer Cans…

  3. Edwin High says:

    Thanks for the share! Great blogs exploring the delicious world of craft beer.

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