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2014 Craft Beer Resolution

The New Year brings with it hopes, dreams and seemingly limitless possibilities. While many people trek to the gym for (only) the first month of the year (hey, maybe you’re one of them) here at Old Line we hope there’s a resolution you’re able to keep all year long:

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Tips for Buying Champagne on New Year’s Eve

The fact that we even drink Champagne to ring in the new year is a centuries old tradition. It began with marking a religious celebration with special foods and rituals involving wine. Pouring a glass or two of bubbly today has evolved to be extremely common, thanks in part

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Know Your Beer! – Types of Lager

To briefly recap (we know, it’s been a while) we’ve discussed “What is craft beer?” and we’ve discerned the two (main) types of beer – ale and lager. So, on a whim, let’s discuss lager(s) for a bit. Compared to ale, lager is a baby. This baby has at

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Top 5 Seasonal Cocktails for Getting into the Holiday “Spirit”

Around this time of year, parties and gatherings start to feature some of the most bizarre yet delicious concoctions. Most of these recipes originated in England, where they still remain popular today. While egg and rum don’t normally sound like the most appetizing combination, when sprinkled with cinnamon and

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How to Pair Wines with Thanksgiving Dinner

Turkey meat can be white or dark, roasted and smothered in gravy or even dipped in cranberry sauce. So how does a host or a guest choose the right wine to pair with Thanksgiving food? Look for a wine that has fewer tannins and more fruit. The tannins usually

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Different Beers

How to Recommend a Beer

You don’t need a Master Cicerone certification to recommend a beer to your friends or loved ones. Ideally, recommend something you’ve previously enjoyed. You wouldn’t recommend a book or movie without first reading or watching it. However, when it comes to beer you can still recommend a particular style

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Pumpkin Brew

Tale of the Great Pumpkin (Beer)

Like Linus waiting in a pumpkin patch, many people spend the last few weeks of summer counting the days until pumpkin-flavored anything start hitting the shelves and signal ‘fall is here.’ And beer is no exception. Kind of like how most Americans are obsessed with bacon everything (except this

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Ocktoberfest, Beerfest

Es Ist Oktoberfest!

You guessed it. From September 21 – October 6 it is Oktoberfest (“es ist Oktoberfest”)! 2013 marks the 180th Oktoberfest since it began 203 years ago in Munich, where the official festival is still held to this day. Why the difference in years? The event was cancelled 24 times

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Pumpkin Beers

Where’s My Fall Beer?

September has finally arrived and it’s time to enjoy everything fall has to offer. Well, almost everything. “Seasonal creep” is officially hitting the craft beer industry and breweries shipped their fall creations earlier this year than they ever have before. Let’s break down the simple algebra for you: Beers

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