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Know Your Beer: Ales vs. Lagers

Alright, so we know the answer to “What is craft beer?” But what are the different types of beer? That’s easy. The two (main) types of beer are ales and lagers. It’s all about the yeast, baby. Beers classified as ales use a top-fermenting yeast brewed at warmer temperatures

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Summer and Fall Craft Beers Make August Great

August is a month of last chances. It’s the last chance for summer vacations, summer romance(s), and it’s also the last chance to try those summer craft beers you weren’t able to try. And while you enjoy the fleeting tastes and aromas of summer’s final brews, know that fall

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What is Craft Beer?

Craft beer! It’s everywhere. You’ve heard about it. But what is craft beer? For those scoring at home, it’s beer made at a craft brewery. OK, seriously though. There are three stipulations a brewery must meet in order to be considered a craft brewer (as laid out by the

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9 Summer Craft Brews You Must Try

  If your favorite beer is Bud Light Lime – well, you should broaden your horizons. Use this list to expand your palette during this hot DMV summer. First things first: the criterion is that the brews on this list must be summer seasonal beers by craft breweries. Obviously any list

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Irish Beer, Domestic Beer

Irish Craft Beer is up and coming!

Irish Craft Beer is up and coming!Ireland is a historic land and the island’s history is reflected in its beer.Arthur Guinness brewed his famous black liquidation in response to the English porters and stouts and Guinness is now one of the countries most endearing symbols.Irish reds were brewed in

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Why Not Break Tradition This Valentine’s Day?!

Everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day for cards, chocolates and roses. Now with all the emergence of craft beer why not start a new tradition? There are some fantastic beers out there that will help you make any ones Valentine’s Day memorable. If your sweetheart is

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Man’s Best Friend

The old saying is that dogs are a man’s best friend. It’s also been said that a beer is a man best friend. So it’s only natural that many of today’s craft breweries have adopted their dogs as mascots and inspiration for packaging and even their next batch of

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