Quinta de Chocapalha

New Wine Arrivals, Week of 1/28/19:

Quinta de Chocapalha, Lisboa Portugal:
Arinto 2017
Castelao 2015

Quinta de Chocapalha was founded by Paulo and Alice Tavares da Silva in 1987, on land that supported vineyards since Roman times. The location, just north of Lisbon and close by the Atlantic Ocean, is just about perfect for winegrowing. The Tavares family has lovingly restored what were decrepit old vineyards, while staying true to the region’s indigenous varietals. Winemaking is directed by Paulo and Alice’s daughter Sandra Tavares da Silva, who with her husband, Jorge Serodio Borges, owns Wine & Soul in the Douro region. Sandra is one of Portugal’s most highly regarded winemakers.

We have brought in their two least expensive wines, a white made from Arinto and a red made from Castelao – both exceptional values ($13.99 each). Arinto shows up often in Vinho Verde blends, but in the right hands it is more than capable of standing alone – fresh, herbal, citrusy and dry, with a hint of salinity (remember, the Atlantic is nearby), this is a great alternative to Sauvignon Blanc. Castelao is Portugal’s most widely planted grape variety, which is no wonder given its hardiness and adaptability. In Sandra’s hands Castelao is fresh and savory, with a dry red fruit character reminiscent of Sangiovese.

Portgual has become a hot tourist destination. Quinta de Chocapalha is a short drive from Lisbon – tasting one or both of these will make you want to arrange a trip to visit Portugal, and perhaps a visit with the Tavares Family at Chocapalha.

Mitchell Pressman
Old Line Wine Manager

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  1. david and ann kennedy says:

    Ahh, Portugal!! we’ll have to go back again and make sure we visit this place when we do; thanks for the tip, as always Mitchell.

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