Take Care of Spring Fever at Old Line

Was that the last snowfall a few weeks ago? We sure hope so.

As much as we love winter for the amazing seasonal beers it brings us, spring is yet another great season for craft beer lovers.

Well, actually, there isn’t bad beer season; it’s just a matter of ranking favorites.

Anyway, spring is a time for cleaning the house, freshening things up, and making use of the warmer weather by going outside. Also, baseball.

Many breweries take all of this to heart as they use spring for a time to experiment, collaborate, and begin using some fresher, homegrown ingredients. Hopheads rejoice as many IPAs and other hop-forward beers start hitting the shelves with floral and citrus notes.

You don’t have to look outside of the DMV to see it: DC Brau’s first collaboration with Oskar Blues, Smells Like Freedom IPA, is a “hop bomb” with a ton of floral and citrus notes (not to mention a slight cannabis aroma).

Also, spring is a nice transition for those looking forward to refreshing summer beers.

Warm weather. Baseball. Flowers. Beers. Not necessarily in that order or as separate events.

Hello Spring, nice to see you again.

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